The Course

    1. How it works...

    1. First things first...

    2. Define Your Goals

    3. Content Content Content

    4. Engagement & The Dreaded Algorithm

    5. The Psychology of Sharing

    6. [VIDEO] Lazy Yak Competition

    1. Campaign Structure

    2. Choose Your Objectives // Awareness

    3. Choose Your Objectives // Consideration

    4. Choose Your Objectives // Conversion

    5. Choose Your Audience // Location, Age & Gender

    6. Choose Your Audience // Demographics, Interests & Behaviours

    7. Choose Your Audience // Connections

    8. Choose Your Audience // Custom & Lookalike Audiences

    9. [FUNNY] Ron Swanson discovers the internet

    10. Choose Your Audience // Placements

    11. Choose Your Audience // Budget & Scheduling

    12. The Ad Set // Build the Creative

    1. Things to Keep You Thinking

    2. [FUNNY] Advertising is a team sport

About this course

  • $145.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Presented by

Founder, SMPerth Meg Coffey

Meg Coffey is an internationally recognized social media and digital marketing strategist, hailing from Texas and now proudly based in Australia. Known as the 'Texstralian,' Meg combines her exceptional work ethic, calculated risk-taking, and remarkable communication skills to lead the way in digital empowerment.

As the founder of State of Social, Australia's largest social media conference, and #SMPerth, a go-to source for the latest news and a vibrant community in the digital space, Meg is dedicated to keeping businesses ahead of the curve.

With a deep understanding that digital is essential in today's business landscape, Meg's expertise extends far beyond the hospitality and tourism sectors she works with thru her agency Coffey & Tea. She specializes in transforming the fear of social media into confidence and excitement about leveraging technology for tangible results.